Dog Boarding: The Ultimate Guide

Want to know the details on how to house your pet dog in a safe and stress-free environment? Then keep reading.

Dog boarding is a service offered by professional pet kennels. Here, dog owners can leave their pooches for a considerable amount of time in exchange for a fee. This period could be short or long, depending on your needs. Throughout this period, your dogs are cared for by a pet sitter. They make sure the animal is in a safe, relaxed surrounding.

How Does Dog Boarding Work?

The answer is simple; you leave your dog in the supervision of a pet sitter for a certain period. The job of this professional is to make sure the dog feels safe and at home. To ensure this, the pet needs to be stress-free. 

The cost of dog boarding varies, however, according to Home Guide, you can expect to pay around $25 for a day and $40 for a night.

More often than not, owners are concerned about crowding. Crowded kennels can feel alien to the pet and induce stress in them. This concern is targeted by creating a familiar environment for the pet. They are allowed to bring personal items such as toys and blankets so they can feel at home.

One-on-one playtime is also encouraged at these facilities. This helps to remove the kennel feel of the dog boarding. The dogs are allowed to play outdoors or indoors depending on the type of facility. 

Other times, they can be placed in cages for a short duration. They are also fed and allowed to relieve themselves in certain areas. These pet sitters are around the dogs almost all the time. This way the pet does not feel alone and is kept happy and healthy easily. 

While the pet is looked after, it can also be walked. These pet sitters cater to a dog, one at a time. This way the pet gets all the attention it needs. The pet parent also can be updated on regular intervals throughout the day.

How Does Dog Boarding Work? The ultimate guide for dog boarding

What are the Services Offered at a Dog Boarding Facility?

All you dog owners reading this who are going on a vacation or a business trip; you need not worry. Go ahead and plan your travel without thinking twice. 

Dog boardings are state of the art facilities that cater to all your pet needs. In addition to boarding, these places offer services likes dog training, grooming, exercise and handling emergent medical problems. 

This is great for both you and your dog as it relieves you of your pet’s worries. All you need to do is have fun or spend time where it’s required. 

These facilities put your mind at ease by creating a comfortable environment for your pet. They are very professional and bond with the pet easily. They make sure the dog understands basic commands and enjoys time with other dogs in the care too. Some dogs can be a handful and pine away for their owners.

The staff is trained to look after situations like these with tact. They manage the dogs by sorting them and placing them according to size and temperament. Their experience helps them avoid mistakes like placing a submissive dog with an aggressive pack which might cause stress in the former. 

Pet owners can also board their dogs with veterinarians. Many vets offer this service, but keep in mind that this is usually a secondary service for them. It still can be a good option for dogs that are sick or elderly. 

The dogs might be taken on short walks but are kept in cages for the most part. This can vary according to the vet though. Some boarding facilities are more "homey". This is where the dogs are placed with the facility owner's dogs. This creates a more welcoming environment. Some of these facilities are very luxurious, equipped with a pool and Tv too!

Helpful Dog Boarding Tips 

Dog boarding places are priced according to the duration of the stay and the services offered. Some of these are like elegant hotels, complete with lavish outdoors. Others are like dog camp. 

Find out which works best for you. Make sure your pet is comfortable with a change of surroundings before going for boarding options. Some pets are a handful and work best with at-home pet sitters. 

Some of these boarding kennels don't have staff that stays the night. This might increase the chances of dog fights. If your pet has anxiety or behavior problems, you should look for a place that can provide a more personalized touch, such as in-home boarding or pet sitters that are well trained to monitor your dog's needs. 

If you’re looking for boarding on a budget, then vet facilities are the way to go. They provide specialized care and are qualified for emergencies. This also works best if the dog is senile or has a medical condition that needs professional attention.

Vaccinations are required for most of these boarding places. Make sure your pet is free of disease before you expose it to other animals. Be wary of illnesses or diseases that your pup might catch when it returns. If your pet has certain dietary requirements or is allergic to something, let the facility know beforehand.

How to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

How to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

Boarding kennels are usually socialized environments. So, before taking your dog to a boarding facility, bring it on frequent walks in the park, play dates, a dog bar or a friend or family member’s home with pets. 

Go ahead and practice crate confinement or leave your pup for longer periods of time during the day to judge his independence and emotional needs.

The Final Takeaway

Dog boarding is a secure and useful option for your furry friend to stay at while you’re away. Boarding facilities include dog hotels, boarding kennels, pet sitters and home boarding. Find out which works best for you. Search online for the best options available in your area. Take a guided tour of the facility and make sure the place is sanitary, has well-trained staff and adequate security.

The outdoor facility should be spacious and safe. The dogs should be divided according to size, age, and temperament in playgroups and in night time housing. Ask the staff questions about medical emergencies, evacuation plans, meal plans, playtime, and sanitation. 

Also, check for the pet to staff ratio and on-site staff hours at your dog boarding. Confirm that the staff is professional and certified. Look for reviews online, if need be. If you're thorough with all these, your dog's experience at boarding will be a good one.

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