Photo Socks Are The Best Gift for Dog Owners

Photo socks are the perfect gift for dog owners worldwide, and here’s why.

It is not a shame if you feel anxious because of the upcoming holiday season. Honestly, who doesn’t? It's kind of a tough job to find a gift that your loved ones will like.

Add the fact that almost everyone has everything they need. Gone are the days when you could just gift a watch, wallet, photo frame or scented candle to your friends and family. In the modern-day, it’s hard to find something that’s unique but also practically useful. Our closets are full of the things we don't actually use and so finding the right gift has become nearly impossible.

Year by year, we are trying to give our best and step out of the cliche to find special gifts for people we love. But most of us fail in this frantic attempt to find the gift that will make our loved ones happy.

Let me ask you: How many times did you feel confused when buying a gift for your loved ones?

Probably more often than you would like to admit.

Now, close your eyes and imagine what would happen if you find something special. The gift that will melt your loved one’s hearts and make them say: “Oh, my god! How did you find this? This is the best possible gift you could’ve got me!”

Luckily, thanks to the internet, you don't need to cross seven seas or spend a fortune to find it. As you read this article, you are actually on the right path to achieve that goal.



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What are Dog Photo Socks?

These are a made-to-order kind of socks that are the perfect gift for dog owners. Every pair is designed by hand and is truly unique. Now, how does it work? Simple: you pick the design you like the most and send us a photo of the dog you want on them.

Then, our designers do their magic and put things together to create a perfect pair of socks for you.

We’re kind of like a tailor that makes custom clothing for you… just in a futuristic way for socks using computer, geeky software and other tech stuff. Yes, it sounds exclusive because it is.


How to Create Custom Socks?

Well, to be honest with you, it is super easy.

To create a perfect pair of socks for your gift, first, you have to choose socks from our three main categories.

Second, as we mentioned earlier, you have to add the dog photo to your order.

The photo of the dog should be clear with the focus on the dog's face. With that said, there is no need to edit the photo before sending it because our designers will do that for you.


Pro tip: If you don't have the dog photo on your phone, just check your friend's and family's social media accounts. You’ll find one dog photo (or a bunch of them) there. So, you can save the one you like the most.


Alternatively, you can consider paying your loved ones a visit and casually clicking their dog’s photo from your phone.

Once you’ve added the dog photo to your order, hit the add to cart button and proceed with the order process. On the cart page, you can find a note section where you can add specific instructions or a dog name for the designs that accept that option.


How to Pick the Right Design for Dog Photo Socks?

Depending on your style and personal preference, you can choose one of our main designs and colors for photo socks. We have frames, patterns, and rainbow custom photo socks available for you.


Custom Frame Socks

The frame socks design combines simplicity with a conservative look. We have four frame sock designs available in 15 solid color variations.

Above all, you can add your dog’s name on them or a short message. One of our customers asked us to write “Dog Mom AF” on her socks and they looked pretty darn cool!


Frame collection photo socks

Custom Pattern Socks

The pattern socks are one of the most fashionable custom socks in the world. They are designed to express love for your dog and display a unique lifestyle.

Currently, this collection has 10 pattern designs. Some of them are stars, hearts, donuts, pizzas, pineapples, carrots, paws and bones, mashup, and bolts. Just like the frame collection, the custom pattern designs are available in 15 color options as well.


 Custom photo socks pattern collection

Custom Rainbow Socks

We're super proud of our rainbow socks collection. This collection is designed for people that want to stand out from the crowd -- fearless, freedom fighters that want to bold their style with colorful socks and of course, their dog on them.


 Custom photo socks rainbow collection

Make Your Photo Socks Gift Even More Special

Once you’ve created your order, it is time to think about how to wrap the gift and make it even more memorable. 

It is a good idea to include a small note inside every gift. This will personalize your gift which would make it even more special.

 Make your gift even more special

Final Thoughts

Finding a perfect gift for dog owners is never an easy job. But at least, now you have another great option at hand. You really cannot go wrong if you decide to gift your friends or family customized socks… especially when their loving dog is on them. 


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