We’re looking for influencers who aren’t afraid of standing out in a crowd. Dogs’n’Sox Brand Ambassadors will be the brand’s biggest supporters, driving awareness and educating friends and followers about Dogs’n’Sox.
- Must have a dog (or two 😊)
- Must be age 18 or older
- Must have an active social media presence (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube)
- Must have 3k or more followers per account
- Post in English is required
- Post about Dogs’n’Sox often on social media (minimum 1 post a week).
- All Instagram posts must tag @dogsnsox both in the photo and caption as well as include #dogsnsox.
- Educate yourself on the Dogs’n’Sox brand, aesthetic and seasonal products.
- Provide us with internal productive feedback on the product provided, reviewing the wear & tear, functionality, overall comments, and suggestions.
- Receive three of the latest Dogs’n’Sox designs.
- Be recognized as a Dogs’n’Sox Brand Ambassador for a three-month term (duration is subject to change).
- You will have the chance to be featured on some of the Dogs’n’Sox social platforms.
Apply Now!
- Please send us the links to your social networks.
- Screenshots of your three top Instagram posts.
Let's have some fun! 🙂
Submit your entries to info[at]dogsnsox.com or filling contact form here.