Custom Dog Socks Helps You Elevate Your Style

Get a pair of custom dog socks with your dog face on it. Great outfit detail for all dog moms and dog dads. It's also a perfect choice for Christmas, Valentine's day or birthday gift. Your dog will be digitally painted to become a real piece of art.

Custom printed socks with dog photo on them

Solid colors collection

Thanks to technology, creating a personal piece of clothes never been such easy. Things that once were unimaginable, today can be created in just a few easy clicks. It is a great way to bold your style and show how much you love your pet. In the same time, it is a kind of gift that will make everyone happy.

The pattern collection is available in many different variants and 15 color options.

Above all, there are three different size types: crew, 3/4 crew and ankle socks for every season and different styles.

We're adding new patterns every month so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to always be updated with the latest designs.

Frame collection

The frame collection is available in many different design variants and comes in 15 color options. Pick your favorite socks color: Yellow, Red, Navy, Fuchsia, Green, Blue, Olive, Pink, Brown, Teal, Turquoise, Lavender, Beige, Maroon and Orange.

Bet you have dozens of images of your dog on your phone! Send us your favorite, and we'll create the cutest socks you ever have seen. Moreover, you can add a dog name on socks and make them even more personal.

Custom printed socks with dog photo on them
Custom printed socks with dog photo on them

Rainbow collection

Stand of the crowd with even more unique socks. The rainbow custom socks collection combines popular artworks such as scoops, pineapples or donuts with a dog photo.

Any socks design from rainbow series is available in 7 different color combinations, each for one day in a week.

Order them and wear with great pride.

Every single pair of socks are made-to-order and hand-inspected from corner to corner. That's how we create a 100% perfect product.

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Create a socks that goes above your expectations!

Here is short instruction about how to design your next favorite socks:

First step

Second step

Third step

First, browse our shop to find the most appealing design. Then, choose the color of the sock that will match your outfit. Next, pick the length from three different options. The number of pairs is optional, but we're giving FREE SHIPPING for $50 or more orders.

You probably have a ton of dog photos on your phone. Pick the one you like the most but pay attention to send us one with good quality and focus on the dog. Choose a bright photo, where your dog is standing in front of the camera. Like on the portrait. Once you finish this step, hit the ADD PHOTO button.

Now, add to cart your creation and finish the order process. In a case that you have some more instructions for us, there is a note field for your comment. That's it!